Merricks Saddle Club Inc.

A Family H.R.C.A.V. affiliated Club

Web Address:

Postal Address   PO Box 390 Balnarring, Vic, 3926

Street Address:   Merricks Station Reserve,              Frankston/Flinders Road Merricks



Merricks Saddle Club is a friendly, relaxed and supportive club that caters for adults and children.  We cater to all levels of riders by offering a variety of activities including dressage, show jumping, cross country and quadrille.


During the year we run official fund raising competitions in usually two of the three disciplines of either Dressage, Show Jumping, Combined Training and Showing.


Whatever role you take in our club we hope you find friendship and a supportive environment.  Whether you become an active committee member, a regular competitor or just a regular club person, we welcome you and your input.


Our Rallies are held the 1st Sunday of every month, the 2nd Wednesday of every month and Quadrille rallies are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month.



Our grounds are in the Merricks station reserve on Frankston Flinders Road and we share these grounds with Merricks Pony Club and Peninsula Quarter Horse Club.


Our arenas consist of a 60x20, a 70x40 (both fully fenced) and a 62x62 arena which are all sand.  We have a large number of very good show jumps and a cross country course which we are building on all the time.  We have excellent club rooms, toilets, float parking and horse yards.


For safety reasons, the gates to the grounds are kept locked when not in use and closed when in use. 


Newsletter & Website

Our news letter is published monthly via email and on the website.  Our website is updated regularly with news, events competition draws and results.



Our club is affiliated with the Horse Riding Clubs Association Victoria. (HRCAV)   Our members must be members of the HRCAV which provides mandatory accident and indemnity insurance and access to HRCAV competitions through its level assessment system.  HRCAV produces a monthly newsletter (Chaff Chat), with a calendar of events and entry forms for competitions.



Our membership fees are due on the 1st of October each year, which then must be submitted to the HRCAV by the 1st November. 



Merricks Saddle Club does have a uniform policy

  • ASA current approved helmet
  • Black, beige or banana jodhpurs
  • Long boots or short boots ( with or without gaiters)
  • Green polo shirt with Yellow trim with MSC logo on left chest
  • For warmer months a plain long sleeve shirt is acceptable for ‘sun smart’
  • Competitions can include a white rat catcher shirt with a green vest (must have logo) and any other colour added can only be gold.

Please order your rally uniform from the club as it is a fund raiser for the club and most importantly it ensures you purchase the correct uniform and eliminates any confusion about what is acceptable.


Rally Structure


Group 1 at 10am.  Group 2 at 11am.  Lunch 12.00.   No costs involved.  Please book into the rally by the Sunday before by emailing our Rally Co-ordinator, Sam Dymond.



10am and the cost is an additional $25.00 per rally.  Please book in by the Friday before the rally,  by emailing Jan or Lyn (emails published in the Newsletter)




Email addresses for the Rally Co-ordinators can be found in our monthly newsletter.


Riders without a booking will be declined a place.  Riders booking in to mid week and not giving 24hrs notice will still have to pay.  Mid week rallies are not for profit only to cover costs.  Lateness to your lesson is not tolerated so you will be asked to sit out a lesson. 

Please be mounted and ready for your instructor prior to the start of the session.  We understand changing gear between Dressage and Show jumping takes time but please be mindful of your instructor and don’t take longer than is needed.


ImportantPlease remove your horses manure from the arena before you leave the grounds.  Each arena provides a poop scoop.  Also consider picking up any other droppings left behind as a gesture of goodwill goes a long way to creating an atmosphere  of care for your club and your fellow riders as well.


Any rider participating in SJ must help put the equipment away.  Help setting up in the morning is always appreciated and both go toward your volunteer hours.



We aim to secure the best instructors possible.  Our rally coordinators do an amazing job finding quality instructors at an affordable price.  We aim to find qualified instructors with knowledge, experience and a positive attitude with the ability to give a safe, supportive and encouraging lesson to all riders whatever their level.  Please be mindful of this difficult task and treat your rally coordinator and instructor with respect.


Requirements for membership

Per club year you are required to: 

  • Volunteer for 10 hours (Sunday member)
  • Do a rostered canteen duty (or negotiate with another member)       

The aim of these conditions is to spread the workload across our members and to help in running our club and competitions smoothly and safely.  With the working bees’, competitions and setting up and packing up of rallies, along with canteen duty it is not difficult to work off these hours.



Our committee meets once a month, usually the Thursday evening after the Sunday rally.  Any member is welcome to attend for interest or to suggest an agenda item.  Committee contact details are listed in the newsletter.


The AGM is held each November to elect the committee and office bearers from our existing members and all members are encouraged to attend the AGM.


Safety & Club Rules

Horse riding can be a dangerous sport.  It is very important that you feel safe and in control of your horse.  For this reason and for our insurance we have a few standard rules.


  • Approved ASA standard helmets and footwear must be worn at all times whilst mounted.
  • Riders are responsible for ensuring their own and their horses equipment is in a safe condition.
  • The front gates are kept closed at all times.  Please close gate behind you when coming and going.
  • Lunging is only permitted in the round yard.
  • If your horse is sick or lame please do not knowingly bring it to club.   





 For safety we recommend

  • You have ambulance cover
  • Wear protective vests when doing cross country
  • Arrive at rallies early enough to ensure your horse is settled and you can safely prepare.
  • Park floats in a thoughtful manner leaving space for horses to be tied safely
  • Be considerate when using the yards if your horse is known to be anti social.
  • Read and respect the “Arena Etiquette” sheet which is included in this web site.
  • We would appreciate you leaving your dogs at home 


Junior Members

Members under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult.



Stallions, colts, rigs or mares in milk or advanced foaling are not permitted.  Horses that are ill, very thin, lame or a danger to their riders or other horses are discouraged.  All horses and riders are expected to be properly groomed and well turned out



Riders should ride with good manners and consideration for their horse and for others.  Unless under instruction, all riders must ride at a walk at all times when riding on the club grounds during a rally.  Horses being lunged are to be lunged in the round yard. 


Care of your horse at Rallies

 All horses are to be tended to prior to their riders having lunch.  Including unbridling, unsaddling, rugging (if required), watering and hay.   Please do not give your horse hard feed after being ridden or before.  Please place your horse in a yard or tie to your float with baling twine.


Member participation

Your committee encourages your input and participation in the running of the club.  Your suggestions are welcomed and should be directed to a committee member preferably in writing or verbally.  Please address grievances in writing so there is no confusion.



Constitution (presently under review)

A copy of the MSC constitution is available to every financial member to read.  Please see our secretary if you would like to peruse.




Safety of horses, riders and spectators is of paramount importance:  with this in mind:

  • Always approach, enter and leave the arena at a walk.
  • Arrive on time or early to give your horse a chance to settle into the working environment and the other horses.  Especially if he/she is new to the surroundings or fresh.
  • Before your lesson, if you are riding, handling or lunging a horse that is out of control or disturbing others in their lesson, please move away from the group or leave the area.  You are welcome to use the round yard if you are not disturbing any group nearby.
  • If you arrive late to a lesson, enter the arena without interrupting any other riders already working.  Apologise to the instructor and ask their permission to join the group  (although this may not always be possible it is the instructors discretion)
  • If there is equipment to be set up for your lesson, offer assistance before mounting.  Equally, at the end of the day please make yourself available to pack up.  This job often falls on the same people and you can be working off some of your volunteer hours.


While working in a group

  • Be aware of where everyone else is on the arena, so you can avoid cutting them off or running into each other.
  • Acquaint yourself with horses that need you to keep your distance (eg mares/young horses)
  • If your horse is one of the above mentioned then please advise your instructor and other riders so that they can show you the same courtesy.
  • As a guide you should allow a distance of two horse lengths between yourself and the next horse.
  • When passing another horse front on please pass left hand to left hand
  • Do not allow your horse to run up the rear of the horse in front.  Turn off the track and make a small circle or move to another part of the track.
  • In a lesson, when you need to stop or take a break always make your way to the middle of your group so that you are well clear of other riders.
  • If using a dressage whip in a lesson, ensure that when passing other horses, you don’t inadvertently touch or flick them with your whip
  • If you are at any time sharing an arena with a more advanced rider who is doing two-track work or in a faster pace, they have the right of way at all times.  For example if you are walking stay on the inside track of those trotting or cantering.
  • Feel free to ask questions and clarify instructions with your instructor throughout a lesson if you are unsure of what is being asked of you or if you have not heard the instruction.
  • Please thank your instructor for their time and to not hesitate to ask any question you may have about your lesson.     




Our Club rooms


 62 x 62 Sand Arena


And from the other side !